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Hair and Saliva Analysis 
Our Hair and Saliva Analysis reveals underlying factors of your current state of health, which can aid you in detection of physical vulnerabilities, sensitivities, and stressors. Unlike most lab tests that look at your blood, stool, or ancestral history to give you a diagnosis, we use your hair and saliva to test you and give you actual healing solutions/remedies. By transforming your lifestyle you are capable of achieving optimum outcomes of health and wellness for you and your family.

   What Does Our Hair and Saliva Analysis Discover?  

Food Sensitivity

Nutritional Imbalances 

Environmental Sensitivity


Hormonal Imbalances

Organ Function

Personalized Supplement Regimen 

For more detailed information about our Hair and Saliva Analysis , please call us at 952-236-7610.

View a sample report of Hair and Saliva anaylsis results below:

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