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Order Your Supplements

We place orders for supplements every Monday. Please have your order to us by noon on Monday so that we can ensure you will get the products you need. Please plan ahead so we can help you maintain your program.


In order to ensure that you get exactly the supplements you want, please be sure to indicate size and quantity when you place your order. If no size is indicated, we will assume you mean "Small". If no quantity is specified, we will assume you mean "1".

To order any Standard Process Supplement, please visit to log in using your Patient Direct Account.



If you want your order shipped to you, be sure to let us know. There is a $9.65 shipping fee for in-state orders and $10 for out-of-state orders. We will ship your order as soon as it is complete. Occasionally, certain supplements are back-ordered, so it may take longer in those cases.

Order Supplements Here
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