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Become Limitless
Zing Performance is a unique and effective program that can drive development and improve performance by focusing on a specific area of the brain, the cerebellum. With carefully designed activities that stimulate the cerebellum, Zing Performance unlocks the potential in the brain.
Most of us have enormous numbers of automated processes taking place in the subconscious. What the brain does subconsciously happens at least 100,000 times faster than when we have to “think” about what we are doing. Thus when a skill or process needs to happen in the thinking brain it is extremely slow – and that part of the brain can only deal with a small number of things happening at any time.
So by the time they have “thought about” the correct social rules to use in a situation, it’s too late the moment has passed and they have come across as socially clumsy. Even though everyone wants to understand and stimulate the brain and create neuroplasticity – the process of achieving LASTING CHANGE requires a very specific, systematic and personalized approach.  A “one-size-fits-all” approach will not find all the potential that is there.