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Holistic Weight Loss

Holistic weight loss isn't just about diet and exercise, but about healing the mental, spiritual and emotional components of your overall being. 

ChiroThin Weightloss Program

The Chirothin program has helped over 90,000 people lose at least 15 pounds in their first 42 days!  


What is it?

This program combines a very low calorie diet in combination with a two-tier food cycling plan. A typical ChiroThin day is the perfect combination of fasting, carbohydrates, protein and our SECRET 100% natural formula.

This revolutionary program is designed to help you achieve MAXIMUM results in the SHORTEST amount of time, using proprietary steps to weight loss.  This program only includes natural solutions and no workouts, drugs, shakes, bars, pre-packaged foods, or medications. The products used by our team are exclusive to the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program and can only be purchased from a doctor. You can expect phone or in office checkups to monitor your progress with personalized recommendations every step of the way.


What can I expect?

As a ChiroThin Weight Loss patient, you will experience rapid, healthy weight loss without hunger or cravings. By using our comprehensive, physician supervised program, women can expect to lose between 2-3 size (+20 pounds) and men can expect to lose 25 to 40 pounds in only 42 days.

The ChiroThin Formula is a doctor-created formula that is specifically blended to aid in boosting metabolism, suppressing hunger/cravings, reducing fat mass, reducing insulin resistance, increasing fullness and detoxifying your body. All of these elements are crucial to your weight loss journey and will help you lose weight quickly, safely, without starvation, and will support long-term weight loss! Essentially, it instructs your body to use your existing fat reserves for energy, instead of protein (muscle), allowing you to maintain high levels of energy.

All foods included in the ChiroThin Program dietary guidelines are purchased at your local grocery story. There are no shakes, bars, or expensive pre-packaged foods to buy!

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