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Find a chiropractor near you who can get you in quickly with little to no notice. When your muscles and joints are tense or sore, it’s important to have a chiropractor that prioritizes your schedule. Browse deals on treatment and adjustment packages near you so those aches and pains start feeling better today.

About Advanced Spinal Care & Rehab


Whether your needs include pain relief or nutritional guidance, the practitioners at Advanced Spinal Care & Rehab all approach your case the same way: by listening. Before Dr. John or any of the massage therapists start treatments, they take down your history and discuss what your current needs are. That way, they target therapies to the individual, prescribing only safe, necessary and effective treatment for better relief of your pain and stress. Dr. John is also considered an expert in the field of fibromyalgia treatment, helping people with chronic pain improve their hard-to-treat symptoms.

Dr. Melinda Morgan, who holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic, is skilled in providing low impact adjustments for all ages (including specialized training for infants and elderly) that align the spine and promote proper body function. Most adjustments are made using either hand techniques or a small metal (non-painful) tool called an integrator. 

Misalignments in your spine and neck can cause a myriad of problems that result in multiple areas of discomfort, including the close companion of chronic headaches. In addition to what you feel, the smallest misalignment can cause your body to perform at lower levels, weaken your immune system, and result in an overall decrease in energy and liveliness.




Treat your neck, back, or extremity discomfort and align your spine for maximum energy distribution.
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